Kim Kardashian Cheating Scandal: Bret Lockett Responds to ‘In Touch’ Story

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The Kim Kardashian cheating scandal alleged in an In Touch magazine cover story is growing bigger by the minute. Now, Bret Lockett, the NFL player Kim’s accused of having a relationship with (behind Kris Humphries’ back), is talking. A lot. In an interview with NESN, he says he’s come forward with what he claims is the truth: That he and Kim did mess around. He says he’s doing it because the story is now out and he wants to set the record straight. Kim says the story isn’t true – Bret says it is. He said, she said – here we go again!

In an interview published today in, Bret Lockett says the In Touch report “is true,” adding that his “relationship with Kim is true as well.” He doesn’t get into the dirty details in the piece, saying they’re “all over the Internet and everywhere else.” True. At some point the story will turn up on a billboard in Times Square. So, why did he talk to the magazine about Kim Kardashian? This is where it gets particularly interesting. Bret, a safety for the New England Patriots, claims the magazine contacted his baby brother to discuss the story – and when he got wind of that, he got upset. So much so that he decided to comment on the record, saying, “On my behalf, I’m protecting myself, and my brother, and my family’s interests. That’s about it.” If this is true, it smacks of sleazy tabloid journalism tactics! But even at that point, Bret still had the option to keep his big mouth shut.

File:Kim Kardashian Hollywood.jpgKim Kardashian’s furious about what she calls the ‘ridiculous’ story, understandably. She says it’s simply not true and she’s even threatening to sue. How does Lockett feel about that? He says he’s “not even going to go down that road,” adding, “I don’t even want to comment on that. I’ll just leave it as it is.” Probably a very good idea. You’ve said quite enough. This story isn’t even close to being all played out yet – so stick to what you know how to do, Bret: Play football.

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