Kim Kardashian Clowns at Kendall’s Birthday Bash

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Kim Kardashian helped host Kendall Jenner’s Sweet 16 party, and Kim seemed her usual ebullient self. Is she still grieving over her short and much maligned marriage to Kris Humphries? Or is the melancholy all in the past, asks Hollywood Life? Well, it wouldn’t make much sense to carry on the sad act longer than the actual marriage lasted.

Instead, at Kendall’s birthday party—File:Kim Kardashian 4.JPGa scaled-down event for the Kardashians—Kim Kardashian, and brother Rob played the part of clowns. No, not in big red noses and ruffled collars, but the pair hammed it up in the photo booth (rented for the occasion), for a full six pictures. They added a few props: Rob posed in pair of oversized pink glasses, while Kim Kardashian, 31, made kissy-faces in a tiara and even a blue bandanna.

A rented photo booth is perfect for a party with a gang of teenaged girls—if the party was about teen pals, and not all grown up Kardashian contacts. Kendall’s fans hope she had a good time herself, and that the rumors floating about a rift between her and mom Kris Jenner were all blown up for the reality show. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

The clown act came just before news broke about conditions in the Asian factories, where Kardashian merchandise is manufactured. That’s another sad story. Keeping up with the Kardashians is a full-time job.

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