Kim Kardashian Complex Magazine (Cellulite Photos)

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The famous-for-a-sex-tape star Kim Kardashian had a recent photo shoot with Complex magazine — and an un-airbrushed photo got posted to their site yesterday. grabbed the photo, and now it’s all over the web. 


By afternoon, the photo on was obviously altered, then removed from the site completely. Now the photo gallery no longer includes that image. Methinks she was pretty upset.

This nobody-turned-reality-TV star (“Keeping Up with the Kardashians”) looks thinner, smoother, and glowy in the airbrushed version (on the right).

And after the leak, Kim posted to her blog that she did have some of her lumpiness lopped off in Photoshop. But, she says, what celebrity doesn’t? Fair enough. Kim also claims she’s proud of her curvy figure and hopes this incident shows the world that the perfect are imperfect, just like you. (paraphrased) I think we all knew that body perfection only exists in Photoshop. And it’s good for gals and guys worldwide to be reminded of that now and then.

What’s your reaction: what’s the big deal? she looks awesome in the pre-Photoshopped image too? you couldn’t care less? Sound off!


sources: The Huffington Post, Animal New York

photo source: Animal New York

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