Kim Kardashian Covers Stomach and Curves in London; Hiding Something?

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Kim Kardashian is currently in London, making her first public appearance there. She is in town promoting her personal products, including her newest fragrance and her personal jewelry line, Belle Noelle. And while Kim did bring Kanye West and her brother with her to London, she didn’t spend much time thinking about what she would wear. Well, Kim recently made an appearance at the London BBC’s Radio studio where she wore a long white pencil skirt and a loosely-fitted white shirt with gold studded patterns.

While the skirt hugged her bottom, it was way too long, only showing off her firm calves. However, the shirt was completely boxed, so it wasn’t flattering at all for Kim Kardashian. More importantly, the clothes didn’t show off her most famous assets, which does spark some questions.

The shirt did a good job at hiding her stomach and her curvy figure, including her breasts. In other words, she could be pregnant and no one could spot it. Since she isn’t scared of wearing tight-hugging clothing when she is in Calabasas, California, one has to wonder if she has something to hide, being respectful in another country or starting rumors on purpose about her body and relationship with Kanye West.

What do you think of her white choices in clothing? Do you think Kim even thought about what she put on when visiting the London BBC’s Radio studio or do you think she is trying to hide something?

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