Kim Kardashian Described As A ‘Turnip’ And ‘Viking’

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Kim Kardashian may have an amazing booty that got her famous, but according to a report she also has no morals or personality. Who would have thought?

Apparently, morals and personality aren’t needed to look good though. Media Take Out showcased some photos og Kim Kardashian out in Los Angeles recently, getting into her $300,000 sports car, with the caption :

“Kim Kardashian May Have The MORALS Of A Viking . . . And The PERSONALITY Of A TURNIP . . . But Her DONK Is RIDICULOUS!!!”

What exactly does this crazy headline mean? Turnips have no personality and Viking’s were ruthless, mean men who would do anything to get what they wanted…Ok, now it makes sense. She is a lot like a Viking, isn’t she? She’s invaded out TV screen, staked her claim and doesn’t seem to want to leave. Sounds like something a Viking warrior would do.

OK then. Since we’ve now established that Kim is like a Viking and has a great “donk”, what else does she have to offer? As Barbara Walter’s so nicely said in her 20/20 special, Kim — and the rest of the Kardashian’s — have no talent.

So, besides her big booty which is always stealing the show, what can Kim give to society? She’s sure taking a lot, making millions from being on reality TV, so she should be able to give something back.

But, she can’t because she’s pretty much useless. She doesn’t need a tabloid or Barbara Walters to tell her that.

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