Kim Kardashian ‘Devastated’ Kris Humphries is Making Her Look Bad!

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The tabloids are full of Kim Kardashian divorce drama this week. Star is reporting Kim dumped hubby of 72 days Kris Humphries because he’s not rich enough for her, and OK! is alleging she thought the split would be much easier than it’s turned out to be. And now, Life & Style (via claims that Kim’s “multimillion-dollar empire [could] be falling apart” because Kris is “making her out to be the bad guy!”

“Kim is watching helplessly as Kris turns this around and makes her look like a greedy, heartless b****,” a “source” dishes to the mag. “If they can prove Kris is being defamed and that the marriage was fraudulent, they are going to be able to reveal as many personal details as they want as evidence. Kim is crushed.”

Uh, Kim’s doing a good job at appearing greedy and heartless on her own — she doesn’t need Kris to point out the obvious to America.

But Kim is panicking now that Kris is threatening to expose her secrets instead of taking a payoff — and five months after she filed for divorce, the people she counted on to support and defend her are getting tired of all the drama.

“Kim has alienated her family and friends,” Life & Style‘s source says. “People around her are growing tired of the drama, because at the end of the day it’s really her own fault. She handled it badly and instead of blowing over like all her other scandals, this one just gets worse and worse.”

Well, that’s true. It is Kim’s own fault and she did handle it badly, from hamfistedly re-editing her reality shows to make Kris appear to be a “villain” to slinging mud at him in the tabloids. But Kim’s not the only one who did that. Momager Kris Jenner did her best to spin the situation while making the morning talk-show rounds following the split, and little sister Khloe Kardashian is still talking trash about Kris. Maybe if someone had been smart enough to think before the wedding, “Hey, marrying for money and ratings, not love, is a bad idea,” Kim wouldn’t be in this mess and wouldn’t be suffering the PR fallout. So, boo-hoo, Kim! Cry us a river.

What do you think? Does Kim Kardashian actually think Kris Humphries is the bad guy? Is she worried about her secrets being exposed? Sound off in the comments!

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