Kim Kardashian dissed by Old Navy model!

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Kim Kardashian was totally dissed by Old Navy model, Melissa Molinaro! The girl who is pegged as a Kimmy K lookalike—and the one who is dating Kim’s ex, Reggie Bush—has thrown the second punch. Ladies and gentlemen, the catfight is well under way.
Kim Kardashian 2011
“We’re still talking about this?! It’s JULY this aired in February … some people have too much time on their hands. I’m blown away by all your support and blessed to have an amazing family and friends like you,” Molinaro tweeted. This after Kim has filed a lawsuit against Old Navy.

So who wins round one of this battle? Kim Kardashian hands down. Doesn’t Molinaro know that Old Navy used her for her similarities to Kim? Same goes for Reggie Bush—and that totally makes them both look bad. Sure Molinaro is beautiful, but she has gotten 99 percent of the attention because she looks like Kim!

Who do you think comes out on top? Does Kim have a point or should she leave Molinaro alone?

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