Kim Kardashian divorce drama: Will Kris Humphries subpoena Reggie Bush, Kanye West?

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A couple days ago, Kim Kardashian served Myla Sinanaj, Kris Humphries’ ex-booty call/girlfriend/the love of his life, with a subpoena to testify in their divorce trial. And now “the gloves are off”!

Kris’ legal team is “considering issuing a subpoena” for Kim’s ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush to be deposed, reports. The website reported Thursday that Team Humphries was also planning to serve her new boyfriend, Kanye West, with a subpoena.

“There were reports late last year that Kim was considering getting back together with Reggie, and his lawyers would like to know what she said to him about the divorce and her decision to file for divorce,” a “source close to the situation” tells Radar. “Kris isn’t intimidated or threatened by Kim and her lawyers. He isn’t thrilled that Myla will be deposed, but he has nothing to hide. If Kim wants to go down this road, he has no choice but to do the same thing. Again, this isn’t about money, it’s about getting the truth out, it’s all Kris has wanted since he filed his divorce response.”

Radar claims that “for a very long time Kris’ lawyers wanted to go after the men in Kim’s life, but he didn’t want to put her personal life under scrutiny.” Uh, what kind of legal strategy is that? If it weren’t for her personal life, she wouldn’t be famous, so she totally puts it out there for public consumption and famewhores all her relationships. And besides, isn’t that the whole basis of Kris’ claims—that she married him for ratings and money, not love? Not putting “her personal life under scrutiny” doesn’t make him the bigger person. It just makes him an idiot. Unless this is some kind of PR strategy, along the lines of “I wanted to keep things classy and respectful but Kim’s the one dragging others into it so I have no choice”? No, he’s just an idiot who wouldn’t listen to his lawyers.

But now that Kim’s legal team is deposing Myla, Kris has seen the light, so his attorneys are also planning to serve Kanye with a subpoena. Radar reported Thursday that Team Humphries plans to depose Yeezy about his appearances on the Kardashians’ reality shows, as well as whether he and Kim were intimate before they went public with their relationship. Considering the recent reports that Kim and Kanye hooked up while she was engaged to Kris, that could be an interesting deposition. But hopefully Kris doesn’t subpoena all the guys Kim has reportedly been linked to since the divorce filing—Tim Tebow, Ray J, etc.—and turn this into even more of a media circus.

What do you think? Should Kris Humphries subpoena Kanye West and Reggie Bush? Are “the gloves off” now that Kim Kardashian is calling Myla Sinanaj to testify? Sound off in the comments!

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