Kim Kardashian Divorce Has Her Exchanging Wedding Ring for Costume Jewelry?

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries certainly stirred up plenty of chatter during their engagement, that over-the-top wedding, the blink-and-you-miss-it marriage, and now the divorce drama. Part of all the buzz was the major rock that the reality TV show diva was, well, rocking on her ring finger—all $2 million of it. Now that Kim and Kris are residing in splitsville, the sparkler no longer makes its blinding statement. But K.K. is styling and profiling in some new gem dandies from her costume jewelry collaboration with Belle Noel for the brand’s Spring 2012 collection.

Kim is evidently pretty thrilled about her fresh accessories options, too, saying on her blog, “I’m so excited for my Belle Noel Spring 2012 jewelry collection to launch this month! I did a fab shoot recently to model all the new pieces, so wanted to show you guys this behind the scenes video and pics! What kind of jewelry are you guys liking for the spring.”

File:Kim Kardashian 2, 2011.jpgKim Kardashian did indeed show off the bling via a video and photos, where she flashes her standard ultra-glamorous silhouette in a slinky Grecian gown number that’s accessorized with the jewels. Some of the cocktail rings spotted in the footage are quite fabulous—huge, chunky pieces of eye candy—but very different from that infamous engagement ring. Still, they are pretty statement-making. Also winning major style points is a particular gold wishbone necklace that might just have Kim making a wish for more successful love story in 2012.

According to Daily Mail, Kim’s line for the company is “functional” and “easy,” but the words “trendsetting” and “ultra-chic” should probably also be added to that description. “The line features statement, daytime and evening styles from understated, casual pieces to bold, lavish creations reflecting [Kim Kardashian’s] myriad influences from her travels around the globe.”

Perhaps Kim’s trip to Dubai, which was recently shown in the Kourtney and Kim Take
New York episode that alluded to the her and Kris Humphries’ relationship woes,
was one of those influences. After all, it seemed to be a pretty inspiring place, and maybe that camel ride really made an impact.

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