Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kris Humphries’ Parents Thought Marriage ‘Doomed’

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It turns out that Kim Kardashian made no fans of Kris Humphries’ parents, even before the two were married! Talk a big oops, perhaps next time Kris will actually listen to his family before being dragged through the mud on television and through the media.

Several sources are saying that even though Kris Humphries was completely smitten with Kim Kardashian, his family knew all along that the two were headed toward disaster. If only he had listened. At least one family member has come forward with this gem:

We expressed concern to him about his relationship with Kim… he was just taken away by her, and you cannot tell someone in love to open their eyes a little wider. He just saw what he wanted to see.

The thing is not only is his family trying to throw Kim Kardashian under the bus with a statement like that, but aren’t they also blaming Kris, too? Talk about unsupportive. They say that hindsight is 20/20. Calling out Kim and Kris’ relationship after the divorce papers have been filed is one giant “I told you so” to both of them.

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