Kim Kardashian Divorce: She’s Depressed and Alone, Finds Backlash ‘Devastating’

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Poor Kim Kardashian. She married Kris Humphries for money, ratings and publicity, not love, and then filed for divorce after just 72 days. And now she’s unhappy with the beating her public image has taken since the quickie split. She needs some cheese with that whine!

Life & Style (via is reporting that Kim feels “depressed” about the criticism she’s taken in the divorce aftermath. She only has two close friends left and has gained 15 pounds because she just “sits around at her mom’s house in sweatpants eating cake.”

“Kim is becoming a really private person,” a “source” dishes to the mag. “She stays home all the time. It’s like she’s afraid to be in public.”

Kim Kardashian, private? Hardly. Instead of lying low since filing for divorce, she’s still tweeting pictures of herself in lingerie and going on Kelly Ripa’s talk show and hosting New Year’s Eve parties in Las Vegas. So Life & Style clearly missed the mark on that — especially since the mag contradicts itself by reporting that, even though Kim is “afraid to be in public,” she was just spotted out at a Manhattan restaurant recently.

“Kim was shoveling in the carbs,” an “eyewitness” says. “From the moment she sat down, she was munching on breadsticks. The table ordered a plate of prosciutto and Kim wolfed down a plate of pasta as her main course. When she was done she leaned back and rubbed her stomach satisfied.”

No wonder she’s gained 15 pounds! But at dinner that night she was overheard bellyaching to friends, “I’m so alone. I didn’t expect all of this. It’s devastating.” And she’s unhappy being single and fears she’ll never date again.

“Right now I don’t know anyone who wants to be Mr. Kim Kardashian,” Life & Style‘s source says. “Not after what happened to Kris Humphries, no way!”

At least Life & Style got that part right — no good guy would want anything to do with her now. But since she fears commitment anyway, that’s probably for the best.

This report is probably a mix of both true and false. She’s definitely upset about all the criticism she’s received, although she probably can’t understand why. And she may have gained some weight, although it’s not really super-obvious if she has. But the part about her being so depressed she can’t go out in public is obviously BS. If Life & Style got that directly from Kris Jenner as some kind of ploy to gain Kim some sympathy — her divorce is so hard, she’s so upset! — then the momager needs to be less ham-fistedly obvious about it. No one buys the Kardashian dog-and-pony show anymore. And if Kim really has “hit rock bottom” and “her support system is weakening,” then that’s her own fault.

What do you think? Has the divorce backlash really been devastating for Kim Kardashian? Is karma a bitch? Sound off in the comments!

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