Kim Kardashian Divorce: Stepfather Bruce Jenner Speaks Out in Support

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Kim Kardashian certainly seems to have the support of her family behind her in all of this divorce drama with her soon-to-be ex-husband Kris Humphries. From sisters Khloe and Kourtney to brother Rob and even kid sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, the “klan” appears to stick together in times like these. In that way, Kim is very similar to Humphries, as he seems to have a strong fam behind him, too. To drive home the point, K.K.’s mom Kris Jenner and stepfather Bruce Jenner recently spoke out on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, standing up for her decisions and also showing their solidarity.

Kris revealed to DeGeneres: “I trust my kids and we give them a lot of support.” But it was Bruce who really chimed in, admitting, “Maybe we should start questioning some of their decisions. They’re adults. Kim, once she got into the relationship, it was going so fast. Kimberly is in love. She’s now 31 years old. She’s not married, doesn’t have kids. I mean, she wants that in her life and she was pushing for it.” Playing the role of proud, supportive step-dad Bruce was obviously happy at one point for the reality show diva and Kris Humphries. It’s just too bad things didn’t work out for either side.

File:Kim Kardashian 2, 2011.jpgBruce Jenner further complimented Kim by saying she’s a “very strong woman” and that she ultimately made the right choice, as E! Online reports. “I think once she got into it, she realized this is not going to work. And she knew she was going to take the heat. If it ended in 72 days or three years from now, she would’ve taken the heat. She’s a smart woman and said, hey, ‘I have to cut my losses and move on.’ It was horrible. I felt terrible.”

He does make an interesting point. It’s probably true that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries would catch some flak no matter when they split. All celebrities seem to be the center of attention when they break up and/or divorce, at least for a while. And the couple’s hugely public romance and fairy-tale wedding, which was so heavily televised on E!, just added fuel to the “heat” of that fire, one that may not have burned so strongly had they decided to divorce after a few years of marriage.

As for those fake wedding claims, through Bruce’s commentary on the situation, he naturally seems all in favor of the true love gone sour story, not those faux romance reports. No surprise there!

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