Kim Kardashian Divorce Teaches Star a Lesson: No Cameras at Next Wedding

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Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries may have taught her a valuable lesson about privacy. Fans were thrilled when Kim broadcasted her multi-million dollar wedding to Kris on reality TV. However, several of those same fans turned into haters when Kimmy K filed for divorce a mere 72 days into her marriage.(22x34) Kim Kardashian in Silver Bikini, Photo Print Poster

Kardashian found her authenticity and values being doubted. Several people came out of the woodworks and accused her and her family of being fakes and famewhores. It now seems that backlash has taught Kardashian to keep some things in her life private.

In a recent interview with Allure magazine, Kardashian claimed reality TV cameras wouldn’t be allowed at her next wedding. She said, “I would just want it to be so special, with our family and close friends, and that’s it. Somewhere on a deserted island, very private.”

Speaking about watching her doomed marriage to Humphries unfold on TV, Kardashian said, “Is it tough to watch [the show]? Yeah. Tough to see an unhappy time in your life. Will I be more private of a person? Am I more guarded? Absolutely. But, also, I’m a firm believer that my show is who I am.”

Apparently, Kim Kardashian now realizes that just because you can make a buck off of something doesn’t mean it should be sold. The price of fame isn’t always worth the cost of it. But that doesn’t mean that Kardashian won’t push the limits and sell nearly everything else she can to keep her fame going.

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