Kim Kardashian Drapes Her Expanding Curves in Green Velvet at Recent Event

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Kim Kardashian’s expanding curves are making headlines. A day after wearing an unflattering white swimsuit that appeared several sizes too small, the lovely brunette draped her voluptuous body in green velvet for an event. The successful reality television starlet and businesswoman looks amazing at any weight, but she seems to be getting more Rubenesque as her relationship with Kanye West progresses. The low-cut green velvet gown made its appearance at the Midori event in Los Angeles. KK’s cleavage and legs were exposed to perfection in the soft fabric, but she has definitely worn some better looks. Is this one of the designer outfits that Kanye West had designed for his beloved after giving the majority of the contents of her closet to charity? Since then, she has been seen wearing a lot of black and white clothes, so it’s a relief to see her adding some color to her collection. Although Kim Kardashian did look great in the emerald-green wrap dress, covering herself in velvet is reminiscent of the “Seinfeld” episode where George Costanza’s girlfriend tells him “You could drape yourself in velvet for all I care.” To put it another way, for those who are too young to remember the show, velvet looks cheap. Unfortunately, this Midori-green dress was no exception.

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