Kim Kardashian Drops Big Money on Boyfriend Kanye West, Buys Birthday Lamborghini

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Kim Kardashian must really love Kanye West. Why else would she dump nearly 3/4 of a million dollars on a birthday gift. That’s right, Kim has reportedly spent a whopping $750,000 on a brand-spanking new Lamborghini for Kanye in honor of his 35th birthday.

Obviously, this isn’t your normal birthday present, but before her divorce you would be hard-pressed to believe that Kim Kardashian would have spent this much cash on Kris Humphries. No, somehow, Kanye West (who could afford to buy the car himself) has somehow gotten a Kardashian to buy it for him. It must be nice to have someone throw that kind of money at a birthday present.

So, while some may get a nice sedan for their birthday, Kanye West is getting a 2012 black Aventador LP 700-4 Lamborghini. The funny thing is, with a car like that, one probably wouldn’t actually take the thing out of the garage for fear of getting it scratched up or totaled (see Lindsay Lohan and a Porsche).

Obviously, Kim Kardashian must think Kanye is the real deal, or perhaps she really is that dumb to throw that kind of money toward a birthday present.

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