Kim Kardashian Engaged: Brother Robert Kardashian Doubts Marriage Will Happen

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Kim Kardashian is officially engaged to Kris Humphries (sealed with a knuckle-busting, multimillion dollar ring, no less), and rumors are already spreading about plans for their “royal” wedding. But, there’s one person who’s already admitting the unlikelihood of the couple actually tying the knot. No, the outspoken person is not some Kardashian naysayer or Humphries hater, he’s actually Kim’s younger brother, Robert Kardashian.

Robert is pouring a bit of rain on the Kardashian-Humphries parade, apparently doubting the stability of their relationship because his sister has talked seriously about love and marriage in her other previous failed romances.

“I just don’t feel confident because Kim has always been so like, you know, she’s how old? She’s just been through a lot of relationships…” he said.

So, she’s cried wolf with previous boyfriends, thinking they’re the real deal—the so-called “one”? That certainly doesn’t mean her relationship with the NBA pro is doomed. Perhaps she has finally found her (very tall) Prince Charming.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t all doom and gloom from Robert Kardashian. He also said that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries do make a “really good match for each other” and that “Kris is a really good dude.”

Smart guy… he knows better than to completely crush Kim Kardashian’s engagement news. He’s probably receiving enough Kardashian clan backlash as it is for his less-than-positive commentary. Plus, he wouldn’t want to be uninvited to Kris Humphries’ bachelor party, assuming there is one.

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