Kim Kardashian forced to get plastic surgery?

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Kim Kardashian is being forced to get plastic surgery according to a new report. Not only her, but her sisters Khloe and Kourtney are reportedly being persuaded into getting some nip/tuck by none other than their mother, Kris Jenner!
Kim Kardashian 2009 Tribeca portrait
“Kris was born beautiful. She knows the value of looking good and pressures her daughters into following her lead. Kris has an idea of beauty, and wants to sculpt her daughters into that standard,” says a source.

This story seems a little farfetched and it doesn’t seem like the Kardashian sisters would put up with their mom “forcing” them to go under the knife to look beautiful. Probably because they are all already beautiful! There are a lot of pressures to look your best, but plastic surgery isn’t the answer. If you watch any of the Kardashian reality shows, you probably know that Kris Jenner can be overbearing at times. However, you probably also notice that her three eldest daughters are the first ones to say “no” to her. Do you think this headline has any truth behind it?

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