Kim Kardashian Forced to Stay Indoors by Momager Kris Jenner

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Kris Jenner is making one final attempt at controlling the damage her daughter Kim Kardashian’s divorce announcement from Kris Humphries has caused to the family’s empire. Apparently Kris Jenner is forcing Kim to remain indoors and out of the public eye until after Kourtney and Kim Take New York premiers tonight. It seems that Jenner feels if her daughter stays inside she will stay out of trouble.

“Kris wants to make sure that the ratings are huge for their show and she knows that if Kim stays under the radar until that airs again they’ll get the maximum publicity out of her situation,” said a source.

There’s only one problem with Jenner’s theory, though… Kim is using her Twitter account again. Has Kim already managed to cause more drama for herself?

Kim Kardashian posted a message to her haters, which was probably not the brightest idea in the world. Of course, she probably didn’t even realize the backlash she’d receive by posting that message, which basically said that karma will come after those who criticize her misfortune. Yikes.

One thing is for sure… wherever Kim Kardashian is, even if she is indoors hiding at home, drama will be there with her.

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