Kim Kardashian Freaking Out as Kris Humphries Wants to Reveal Secrets

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The Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce hasn’t been in the headlines as much lately, but apparently lawyers are battling it out behind the scenes. It seems that Kim is freaking out because she is worried that Kris will reveal all of her little secrets. While Kris is putting together a fierce legal team, people are left wondering about what Kim could possibly be hiding given she has shared her life on several reality shows over the past several years.

Well, now Kris is opening up about their non-existent sex-life and this piece of information only supports his theory that Kim didn’t marry him for love, but more for publicity, making the marriage fraudulent. “Kim’s freaking out,” a source as told Life & Style as reported by Hollywood Life. “All of her dirty laundry will be aired and there is a lot to air. Kim is a calculating person who does things to benefit her wallet. That’s her top priority! Everything will come out in court — even their sex life.” According to the source, Kim Kardashian and Kris didn’t have sex after the wedding and after moving in with Kourtney, Scott and Mason, everything ended.

This piece of information seems to be yet another damaging fact against Kim. It seems that more and more secrets are coming out and they all make her look bad. “Believe it or not, she’s a private person. She feels like she’s trapped in a nightmare that just won’t end,” the source shared. Well, she can’t just expect to pick and choose when her life will play out. If she made Kris Humphries the villain on her show on purpose by assisting in the editing process, it is only fair that the divorce will air on television, so Kris can get even.

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