Kim Kardashian Gets Big Laughs From Ray J on Twitter — Sex Tape Jab?

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Ray J seemed to be taking a shot at ex-girlfriend (and infamous sex tape partner) Kim Kardashian on Twitter. After all these years, one would think Ray J has let all of this go, but apparently not. Every now and then, he feels the need to keep himself in the spotlight. This might be one of those times. Is he jealous of Kim’s relationship with Kanye West and all the extra attention she’s getting because of it?

What exactly did Ray J do? On Wednesday night, Kim tweeted, “Keep your life in a positive perspective. We are not defined by our pasts.” A nice enough sentiment from Kimmy, and one in keeping with her whole positive attitude as of late. Ray J decided he’d retweet Kimmy’s comment to his more than 1 million followers. He did, adding, “LOL.”

Never has someone said so little that means so much. Gee, what on earth could Ray J mean with his laughter? Could it be that he believes Kim Kardashian is, in fact, defined by her past — specifically, her past with him? Most likely. Either way, it’s just silly. Yes, some will argue that Kim is only famous because of the sex tape she made with Ray J years ago. Kim, however, is moving forward, while Ray J might be stuck in the past (a bitter one, at that).

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