Kim Kardashian Give Those Gifts Back Says Kris Humphries!

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Kim Kardashian needs to give those wedding presents back. It isn’t as if Kim and Kris Humphries had much time to use that blender that aunt Suzy gave them before their marriage was over, right? Kris is reportedly becoming really annoyed that Kardashian is holding on to the gifts.

Talk about tacky! Kim Kardashian that is, not Kris Humphries. According to tabloid sources, Kris thinks that Kim’s check to charity for double the value of the wedding gifts is a nice gesture. However, these people who gave the “happy couple” a wedding present weren’t donating to a charity. How is it fair that Kim gets a tax write-off on their behalf?

Kris Humphries has a point, especially if Kim got married for the cash, as many believe. If the wedding was a sham, then keeping the presents from guests to one’s sham wedding is beyond pathetic.

Should Kim Kardashian give the gifts back (in addition to her charitable donation)?

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