Kim Kardashian Gives Special Gift to Kendall Jenner for 16th Birthday

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??Kim Kardashian showed at her sister’s sweet 16th birthday and had an amazing gift for her. What did she give to Kendall Jenner?

It sounds like Kim was all smiles and happy at the birthday party, but she also gave her sister Kendall one of her favorite gifts at the party. Here is what Kendall had to say about her gift from Kim Kardashian.

“Kim got me the most amazing Louboutins, my first pair!”

Kendall Jenner was happy with the expensive gift that her sister bought her. Khloe got her some kind of keychain to match her brand new Land Rover she received from her parents. Kourtney Kardashian got her a pair of stylish boots.

Fans should get to see it all since they filmed a sweet 16 special for Kendall that will later air on E! network. What do you think of her presents for her 16th birthday? Did they go a little too far?

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