Kim Kardashian Hates the Way That She Looks Now That She’s Single

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Kim Kardashian is feeling very bad about the way her body looks now that she’s single again.

It’s hard to imagine that Kim will be single for long – she seems to get really insecure when she doesn’t have a man in her life to make her feel wanted. So now that Kris Humphries is gone, it seems that the reality show star thinks she needs to change herself so that she doesn’t have to be alone.

According to Showbiz Spy, this is what a source close to Kim said about her body issues:

“Kim has been doing photoshoots and taking modeling jobs but she insists that she’s never felt so unattractive. She is working with two different personal instructors and is taking yoga and pilates every day. She has a new diet too. Kim is convinced she has to work even harder now she’s in her thirties and being single again is only driving her harder.”

There’s also the chance that Kim Kardashian’s new obsession with diet and exercise could have something to do with Kris Humphries calling her “fat” on Kourtney and Kim Take New York – perhaps she watched the episode that he made the comment in and actually agreed with him. If this is the case, it’s a little bit sad that she’s letting Kris Humphries win – Kim might be curvy, but she’s definitely not fat.

But it’s also sad if Kim Kardashian is working her butt off at the gym because she’s desperate to be in a relationship again. The reality show star hasn’t given up on love, but slimming down isn’t the right way to find the right guy – she’s got to work on her personal issues if she wants to settle down with someone.

For one thing, she does seem really insecure and obsessed with her looks – no amount of cosmetics, exercise, and surgical procedures will make physical beauty last forever, so she’s got to learn to love herself without the mask of makeup she puts on for her reality show. She’s also got to quit falling for guys so fast and trying to rush into something serious – after all, it’s going to take time for any guy to adjust to dating a reality show star.

So what do you think of Kim’s obsession with changing her body? Is she working out and dieting because of Kris Humphries calling her fat, or is she hoping to snag another guy soon by sexing herself up?

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