Kim Kardashian Headed to Court, Not for Divorce!

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It looks like Kim Kardashian is headed to court and it has nothing to do with her divorce from Kris Humphries. It has more to do with how a photograph of Kim in a bikini is being used, on the side of the road.

Yep, it was just the other day that a billboard with a very revealing image of Kim Kardashian was discovered on the Mexico-California border. The billboard is being used by a Mexican plastic surgeon to advertise his surfaces.

The problem is, Kardashian never said the guy could use her image. Now it looks like Kim is ready to sue Dr. Victor Ramirez for using her picture.

Now reports are that Kim is ready to sue this guy!

How much money could Kim Kardashian receive from this guy for using her picture on this plastic surgery billboard. Can’t she just get a cease and desist letter, making him take the picture down? One thing is for sure, since Ramirez never actually spoke with Kim or her representatives (Kris Jenner), he is in for a world of hurt.

Then again, one wonders exactly how expensive it will be to sue this guy, who is using an image of Kim on a billboard in Mexico. If the thing were a couple of miles north, it would certainly be a ton easier to deal with. Surely, plenty of celebrities will watch how this whole thing is handled, dealing with international law and Mexico.

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