Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, and Katy Perry To Be Set Up by Elton John

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Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, and Katy Perry may be looking at more than just celebrities at the Oscars tonight. The openly gay—and married—Elton John knows what it takes to make a relationship last and it is obviously the ideal partner. And he believes that the Academy Awards bash is the ideal place for him to work his magic to set up these three single ladies with brand new men.

Supposedly, Elton has explained to a source that he believes he has what it takes to find a new man for Katy to forget Russell, for Kim to forget Kris, and for Heidi to forget Seal. He hasn’t asked the women if they are ready to find love, he just assumes that when a star is single, she is automatically ready to mingle. The source explained to The Mirror that “Elton wants this year’s party to go with a swing, and be more fun and raucous than in previous years. It was his idea to invite some of the highest profile, newly single female celebs in town. He thinks it’s a great way to put a smile back on their faces—and hopefully land them new men.”

But it seems that Elton’s focus is on Heidi and Katy, since he has already extended an invitation to these women to join him and his husband, David Furnish. It seems that Kim Kardashian came later, after she announced that she was single and ready to mingle. Sure, she may not fit into the celebrity category, but since she supposedly falls in love with everyone, it shouldn’t be hard for Elton to find love for Kim.

Do you think he will be a good matchmaker?

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