Kim Kardashian Hiding from the Cameras for Once

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly hiding in a secret location, and she’s not coming out until it’s time to start filming The Marriage Counselor.

Getting a divorce might be the best thing that’s ever happened to Kim, because it seems that her split from Kris Humphries is forcing her to rethink her decision to live her life in front of the cameras.

The Kardashian family has always embraced cameras of all kinds, whether they’re having their family drama filmed for their multiple E! reality shows or being trailed by the paparazzi. However, Kim is actually trying to avoid having her face on film for awhile by hiding from everyone.

According to TMZ, Kim fooled the paparazzi after she arrived at LAX by switching cars a short time after she left the airport. She then went to a secret location where she’ll hide out until she starts working on Tyler Perry’s movie The Marriage Counselor (it’s got to kill her knowing how many marriage jokes she’s going to have to deal with now, but maybe she should have considered a marriage counselor herself before calling it quits so soon).

Hiding indoors and not coming out means that Kim Kardashian will miss the birthday dinners of Kris Jenner and Lamar Odom, where there will probably be cameras. However, she seems determined to hide her face from the public at any cost until her divorce drama dies down. It’s also hard to imagine what all this stress is doing to her psoriasis-wise — hopefully she manages to avoid any big flare-ups before her big movie debut.

This was supposed to be a happy time in Kim Kardashian’s life — she was going to get to enjoy being a wife looking forward to having kids, and she was also about to try to become a legitimate actress. But now all the media can talk about is how her 72-day wedding seemed like it was all for cameras, and Kim reportedly does not want her divorce aftermath to be filmed by E!.

So will the world finally stop keeping up with the Kardashians when the divorce drama dies down? Or will everyone be waiting to see who Kim dates next now that she’s single once more? Stay tuned.

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