Kim Kardashian in ‘Beast Mode’ Following Weight Gain Criticism

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Kim Kardashian has found herself in the middle of an argument about whether she needs to drop a few extra pounds or not. Clearly when your only source of income is your looks, you do have to take care of yourself. So, how is Kim K attacking the extra 5 lbs. that some are claiming she has?

How about in beast mode?

Kim Kardashian gave herself a big pat on the back via Twitter after her Wednesday workout. She tweeted: “Barrys Bootcamp & pilates done before 9am! I feel good! Beast mode day 2! Double workout week!”

Look the fashion industry is highly competitive, and if she wants to stay in the public eye, she has to keep-up that appearance. One thing is for sure, Kim Kardashian can’t keep losing fan polls about her bikini bod to other reality television stars like ‘Jersey Shore’s’ JWoww. The thing is, will only one week of double workouts be enough?

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