Kim Kardashian Influencing Beyonce To Get Plastic Surgery?!

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Kim Kardashian has an effect on many women across the globe. From those who want a butt like hers to those who want hair like hers, but apparently even celebs aren’t immune to the Kardashian effect.

New reports indicate that Kimmie K has somehow gotten Beyonce to get plastic surgery—or at least get her lips plumped to look more like Kim’s.

Media Take Out has obtained a new photo of Bey, looking quite different with very plump lips. It looks fairly obvious that she had some sort of filler injected into her lips but of course, Beyonce would never admit to that!

Here’s what MTO is saying:

“BRAND NEW BEY!!! Beyonce Just Got One Of Those KIM KARDASHIAN Face Surgeries!!!

Sooo . . . guess who decided that it was time to FULL UP her lips . . . BEY. Now before y’all get TOO CRITICAL, there are much more INVASIVE surgeries that she could have undergone.

And she still PRETTY MUCH looks like her old self.”

What do you think of Beyonce’s new look? Is Kim’s high maintainance ways already rubbing off on Jay-z’s wife?

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