Kim Kardashian Is Filming ‘Last Man Standing’ Today

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Kim Kardashian is filming her guest appearance on Tim Allen’s comedy series Last Man Standing. The reality star was up early Monday morning, going over her lines, and prepping for what is sure to be a fun day on set!
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“Up early studying my lines! This is gonna be a fun day on set. Can’t wait for you to see this episode,” Kim tweeted. She sounds so excited for this experience and it’s definitely not going to hurt the sitcom either! The three girls who play Allen’s daughters on the show are probably pumped to get to meet Kim—they are all going to have so much fun together!

Kim Kardashian has done only a handful of guest appearances, and she is also starring in the upcoming film The Marriage Counsellor. Kim seems to love acting but she hasn’t had too many roles thus far. She is finding it fun, though, and while she may not be the best actress, people seem to like watching her on-screen.

Do you watch Last Man Standing? Will you be tuning in to catch Kim’s episode?

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