Kim Kardashian Is ‘No Warren Buffett’, Her Business Decisions Go Bust

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Kim Kardashian may be a world-famous reality star but apparently all of the business decisions that Kim and her sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian make, aren’t good ones.

In fact, it seems like many of the reality star’s business ventures have gone bust and taken down the investors with them.

There was the infamous Kardashian Kard which only got 250 users and was threatened with a lawsuit before shutting down. Then there is the girls’ new makeup range called Kardashian Khroma, which is on track to go bust as well.

Is this all happening because people are so over the Kardashian’s and their over-the-top style of living?

Or is it because Kim Kardashian and her family really aren’t good at business and are getting bad advice?

Whatever the reasons behind it, it sure seems as though Kim and her family should stop splurging on outrageous things (like $30,000 purses and $750,000 cars for Kanye West) because pretty soon they may not be raking in the dough like they are now.

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