Kim Kardashian is not pregnant, she says

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Kim Kardashian flatly denies she’s pregnant, but the super hot rumor that surfaced yesterday on just won’t go away.


Literally, there are hundreds of stories about Kim Kardashian. And there are real-time Twitter updates every few seconds.

The world eats up the most ridiculous baby rumors about Kim Kardashian

But probably the most ridiculous rumor besides MTO itself is this post that claimed an inside source saw her in a pharmacy in London buying three Clearblue tests.


Why three? If you don’t like the result, spin again — as if life is all just one big roulette wheel.

That would be interesting, but Kim Kardashian lives in LA, not London.


The post continues with how well-known it is that Kim really likes Kanye, stemming from when they worked on a film together, which was way back when.


Sources say she’s hooked up with Kanye a few times this summer. Sources in that post also say that she’s given up her famous skimpy dresses for looser clothes, but one suspects that rumor isn’t true, either.

But wait! Wasn’t Kim actually in London? Yes, but it was in September, when she was showing off her legs. And in those photos, she was definitely not preggars.

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The LA Times, near where the Kardashians live, is a more reliable source, and states it is absolutely not true.

And there is also this post  that says she is not pregnant but is sprouting gray roots.

* Why do you think people love to watch and read about the stars they love? Beautiful people doing beautiful things? Or even the not-so-beautiful things, like the rest of us? Do you like to keep up with the Kardashians? This writer does.

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