Kim Kardashian is Talking Baby Plans

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In the midst of a marriage scandal, Kim Kardashian knows how to keep her head high and ignore all rumors and speculations about her and Kris Humphries. 2 months ago, Kim was very vocal about being pregnant at the end of the year, so she could start living a more domestic life like her sister, Kourtney Kardashian.

Well, it seems that Kim has changed her mind. She told Us Weekly that the newly-wed couple has decided to wait with the pregnancy and starting a family. Kim shares that the couple wants to spend some time together and enjoy being married. She adds “give me a year and then we’ll talk babies.”

The comment comes right as friends and close sources of Kim Kardashian claim that she is regretting the marriage, and that Kris is not what she expected him to be. Could baby plans be postponed because she is regretting the whole marriage and is now seeking a way out of the union?

Kim Kardashian told the Us Weekly reporter to give her a year; the year could be to determine whether Kris Humphries changes his immature ways, or if she needs to break off the engagement and move on. She does admit that marriage is harder than she anticipated.

Should Kim Kardashian even be thinking about children? Should she follow Kourtney’s example and have children out of wedlock with a long-term boyfriend?

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