Kim Kardashian Is ‘Too High Priced': What Does That Even Mean?!

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly too “expensive” and while many people may be thinking of that phrase with their mind in the gutter, it actually has to do with Kim’s appearances and how much she charges to show up, look pretty and do nothing.

Apparently, Kimmie K is to high-priced for the lush clubs of Vegas and as a result the club owners are said to be “over her”.

While it’s not surprising, it’s kind of silly that they’re complaining about her now after wasting lots of money having her appear at various parties.

“Las Vegas promoters are crossing Kim off their ‘It’ lists and refusing to pay her for her appearances.” A top promoter said, “She’s boring, charges too much, and she’s high-maintenance. She’s not worth it – she just stands there. No one cares about her anymore,” said a source.

Kim’s star power may be falling but apparently her cheaper and more fun sister, Kourtney, and her partner, Scott, are in high demand for Vegas appearances.

Who ever thought there would come a day when Scott Disick is worth more than Kim Kardashian?

Are you over Kim or do you think she’s still a star in her own right?

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