Kim Kardashian Jealous Kourtney Is Pregnant with a Girl?

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Kim Kardashian saw herself married and with children at age 30 but her visions of the future haven’t gone as planned thus far. The reality star instead finds herself (nearly) divorced, heading through life without a co-pilot. However, that will inevitably change as long as Kim keeps her chin up and her heart open.

All of thFile:Kim Kardashian 3, 2011.jpgat said, Kim loves being an aunt to her nephew, Mason, and is beyond excited that her sister, Kourtney, is having a baby girl. One tabloid is trying to rain on that parade (which isn’t surprising), saying that Kim is actually jealous of her sister’s pregnancy. Gossip Cop clears up the story and confirms that Kim is indeed thrilled for the new addition.

Kim Kardashian is very close with her family and no matter who is getting married or having a baby, they are all happy for one another. Kim’s time will undoubtedly come and then her sisters (and brother) will be happy for her… but for now, she can’t wait to meet her new niece!

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