Kim Kardashian ‘Jersey Shore’ Fan? Tweets Snooki, Pauly D

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Here’s a shocker…. Kim Kardashian is a fan of MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore.’ Clearly not watching it for fashion ideas, is watching Snooki and friends just a guilty pleasure? Moreover, doesn’t Kardashian have a wedding to plan, a wedding dress to fit into, and another photo shoot for a magazine cover?

Is Kristen Stewart 'Vogue' Photoshop too Much?Does Kim have time to watch ‘Jersey Shore? Clearly she does! Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to tell two of the show’s stars, DJ Pauly D and Snooki, that she was bubbling over with excitement:

So excited to watch @djPaulyD & @Sn00ki tonight on the Jersey Shore premiere!!!

Pauly D was quick to respond with a “Thanks Girl.”

What did Kim say to that? How about this winner:

Seriously can’t wait for the drama!

Isn’t there enough drama in Kim Kardashian’s life that she does not have to add more by watching the Seaside Height’s crew in Italy? Then again, watching Snooki mow down a pair of innocent Italian Cops with a rental car could make plenty of people feel good about themselves, unless you are Mr. Bean doing your best Snooki impersonation in England.

Maybe it is this exchange between Snooki and Kim that sums everything up:

I’m ready! RT @Sn00ki: Wohoo get ready gurl!

Oh, yeah, Kim Kardashian just wants to be one of the “gurls!” She is ready…let the (shallow and mind-numbing) games begin!


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