Kim Kardashian, Kanye West a Good Match? Kris Jenner Thinks So!

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Is Kim Kardashian even ready to date? Kris Jenner has strange ideas when it comes to men for soon to be divorced daughter Kim. Perhaps an athlete is not what Kim needs; she needs a high-profile (and controversial) Rap artists instead. Maybe this is Kris Jenner’s ploy to take down Kanye West!

In wonderful tabloid fashion, friends of Kim Kardashian and the family insist that Kris thinks Kanye West is a perfect fit:

Kris would love nothing more than for her daughter to date Kanye West, Kris thinks they could tape an entire reality show based on their blossoming relationship and that tons of people would watch because Kanye is an A-list star and leads a very exciting life.

And there it is! This has nothing do with love and everything to do with ratings and making money. Kris Jenner’s evil plan is to get Kanye West on a reality television show…and then have yet another giant, fairytale wedding, right? The reports are that this might not be as far-fetched as it may first appear.

It looks like Kanye is reportedly “into Kim” and the two were recently seen with West’s hands all over her. The question is this: Is Kim Kardashian just a black widow, luring in her prey before she kills them? Dude, Kanye, quick…flip her over and start looking for a red hourglass.

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