Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Engagement Watch: No Ring, Lots of Leg!

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West returned to New York City from their vacation to Italy. The birthday girl, returned looking quite fashionable, but missing one key piece of jewelry that everyone has waited for.

No, Kim K and Kanye are not yet engaged. At least Kim Kardashian was spotted without an engagement ring at this point. That is probably a good thing since she still isn’t divorced from Kris Humphries.

Still, what Kim does have are bright orange, over-tanned legs. Seriously, Kardashian was spotted in an all-black outfit that included a black dress with a high slit showing off her legs. She also wore knee-high boots and a black fur coat. It was almost like Kim was begging for someone from PETA to dump flour on her jacket again. Flour bomb 2.0 would be crazy, right?

The now 32-year-old Kardashian hid behind giant sunglasses, perhaps protecting her from the paparazzi grabbing too many photos of a jet-lagged Kim.

So, since she got back from the whirlwind trip to Rome, Venice, and Florence, Italy with no engagement ring, how long will it be until Kanye West pops the question? Let the Kim and Kanye engagement watch continue!

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