Kim Kardashian: Kanye West Forces Girlfriend to Campaign for Obama on Birthday?!

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Did Kim Kardashian and Kanye West really spend Kim’s birthday campaigning for President Obama? At least one tabloid seems to point that instead of Kim K getting an engagement ring on her 32nd birthday, she got stuck doing political campaigning.

A tabloid sources claims that Kanye West forced Kim into doing work for Obama. “Kim was expecting her birthday weekend to be all candlelit dinners – even a proposal with a diamond ring,” claimed the source. “But Kanye’s determined to see Obama back in office and got Kim to help with paperwork and persuading celebrity pals to give their support.”

What? Really? From Italy? Even if this actually happened, why would Kim Kardashian waste her time in Europe doing stuff she could do when she got back to the United States. Talk about the most obnoxious rumor… one big, fat lie.

The funny thing is, the proof is in the paparazzi photos, as Kim and Kanye were snapped shopping, eating, and walking around town, enjoying their Italian getaway. There was no sight of Kim doing work for the Obama campaign.

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