Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Moving to London?!

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Kim Kardashian loves London. Kim K apparently loves it so much, that she may be willing to make it her new home (at least part-time). As a matter of fact, Kardashian seems to think that living in London will be like living in New York City, but better! Really?

Is it possible that Kim and boyfriend Kanye West could up and leave the country to head to England? While there are plenty of people that would be quick encourage Kardashian to leave the country and never come back, what does the reality television star have to say about this?

“I want to live over here in the U.K. and I am going to buy a property here,” claimed Kim Kardashian in a recent interview with a UK tabloid. “It’s just so beautiful in London. I’ve been here maybe six or eight times before. I love it here, it reminds me of a cleaner New York.”

There, she said it… New York is dirty! Spoken like a true Los Angeles girl. The only question is, when will Kim and Kanye actually buy some property and make the move?

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