Kim Kardashian Keeping Secrets, Teasing Fans!

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Kim Kardashian is good at keeping secrets, sometimes. Part of being a member of the Kardashian Empire is learning how to tease something on Twitter by giving just a hint of information, but not too much. This keeps fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation of something fun and exciting. For Kim, Monday night was the first hint of something new and interesting.

Yes, this is the Kim Kardashian people love (or love to hate). Kim is finally starting to tweet a little more freely now that the initial shock of her divorce announcement has passed. Kim made the following tweet:

What could it mean? Why is she keeping a secret? Kim Kardashian, yet again, has teased the world. Perhaps it is something fun and exciting, or maybe it just another announcement about a product line! One thing is for sure, if Kim is teasing about something “exciting” that she can’t talk about…it has to do with something that she (or her family) is about to sell. Yep, almost no big Kardashian Twitter announcement comes without a catch and a reach into consumers’ wallets.

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