Kim Kardashian Keeps Promise of Donating Wedding Gifts Value to Charity

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Well, well, Kim Kardashian is making headlines yet again because of her wedding—this time, however, it is finally on a semi-positive note. Over four months after Kim and Kris’ marriage came to an end, Kim finally found the time to keep a promise she presumably made long ago. Shortly after their divorce was announced, quite a few etiquette professionals came out giving their opinion on what the couple should do with the nearly $100,000 in wedding gifts they received. Many said that because the wedding lasted less than 90 days, the wedding gifts should be returned. The big debate was what to do with any gifts that had already been used. Kim Kardashian’s solution after all of the backlash? Donating to charity. Kim, and sources close to Kim, said the reality star planned to donate the value of her gifts to a charity of her choice.

Well, in March, Kim decided to keep her promise. Finally. TMZ got their hands on a letter each wedding guest received; it thanked the guests for their support and generous gifts, and informed them that a donation to The Dream Foundation was made by Kim for the estimated value of their gift. And the even better news? Kim didn’t just donate the estimated $100,000 her wedding gifts were worth, she donated twice that amount to charity. Yes, that’s right, Kim Kardashian gave away $200,000 in honor of her failed wedding. Not bad on her part since she reportedly made millions on the wedding. In other words, she still made millions and gets to keep a bunch of fancy gifts. Does anyone else think she should donate her entire profit from that joke of a marriage to charity?

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