Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian Arm Wrestle: Kimmy Posts Pic on Twitter

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Kim Kardashian and her older sister, Kourtney Kardashian, were posing for a promotional photo of some sort, and they were arm wrestling. Yes, Kim and Kourtney were “arm wrestling,” and Kimmy posted the photo onto her Twitter so everyone can see their over-the-top exaggerated expressions. There’s nothing people love more than rich socialites putting on a scrunchy face for the camera.

Kim Kardashian HD 11x17 Photo Poster Busty Naked #12 HDQThe photo did highlight Koutney’s amazing guns! That girl has muscle on her 98-pound body! It was a cute photo, and the Kimmy K‘s tagline was “Arm wrestling! Who do you think will win? Me or @KourtneyKardash?”

If it came down to it, who do you think would really win? It seems to be a close call between the two Kardashian sisters. Of course, if you threw in their ogre of a sister, Khloe, then all bets would be off. There’s no way Kourtney or Kim would be able to beat Khloe. Heck, the Kardashian gene just isn’t strong enough to go up against whatever genes gigantor has in her body (several people are doubting she’s really a Kardashian, big surprise).

Apparently, all those years of doubting Khloe Kardashian own paternity have opened the door to speculation from others. If only Khloe could manhandle the paternity rumors the way she manhandles her siblings. Kourtney and Kim should have involved their younger but larger sister into their arm wrestling photo. You know, give gigantor some love.

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