Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries: Are Annulment Rumors Hogwash?

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One must see this to believe it. Are Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries getting an annulment, or aren’t they? This Kim K and Kris H divorce drama has lasted far longer than their 72-day marriage and at this point the two should have just stuck it out, right? Fat chance; but now these annulment rumors seem about as likely as Kim and Kris getting back together.

Just a day after Kris Humphries’ new lawyers make a huge statement about no settlement agreements and that he won’t talk to the tabloids (unlike Kim), more stories about an impending annulment surface. (Must Read: Kris is Done with Kim’s Lies!)

So, how much of this whole Kim Kardashian annulment agreement rumor can anyone believe? The tabloid reports suggest that an agreement has been reached, but details have to be worked out.

As far as the “all things leaked to the tabloids” camp is concerned, Kim K wants Kris Humphries to admit that he is a big fat fraud. He may lay on the continuum somewhere between bumpkin and oaf, but fraud, really?

Somehow all of this annulment talk seems too good to be true. Kim (and her fraud family) were called out by Kris as well as millions of viewers about the fake wedding. Now all the Kardashian brand machine wants is to save face over the entire fiasco. Unfortunately they can’t quite airbrush themselves out of this one.

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