Kim Kardashian Leaving Kris Humphries and the U.S. Behind for London, and Kanye West?

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Kim Kardashian may be picking up a British accent soon, if the latest reports prove correct. It’s no secret that the reality show star has lately experienced some significant Hollywood drama and the backlash of fans (or former fans), what with her never-ending divorce drama from Kris Humphries and his accusations that theirs was a fake marriage. Some rumors have even said her “celebrity” friends are distancing themselves from her. But, although Keeping up with the Kardashians just premiered last week, it seems as if Kim might already be focusing her attention elsewhere (besides new guy, Kanye West, that is) and leaving the bright lights of Tinseltown behind for her next big endeavor.

No, that next project is not a played-out romance with her jet-setting rapper beau, although some naysayers have pegged that little relationship as perhaps another “made-for-TV” one that’s driven by fame and fortune, rather than love. Hopefully, it’s not! That aside, Kim Kardashian’s new thing does involve the “reality” world, so West will probably be making plenty of appearances.

“Kris really wanted to expand the Kardashian fan base and decided with Ryan Seacrest that London would be the perfect location… because it’s a hip city that attracts a lot of celebrities, and it’s not too far from NYC,” said a source recently, as Entertainment Wise reports. In fact, according to the insider, a Dash store may be in the works across the pond, with the London-based spin-off focusing on Kim and sister Khloe Kardashian-Odom opening the boutique.

“They all think that a new show based in London will be a perfect distraction,” revealed the source. Of course, like Kim, Khloe could probably use some distance from her Hollywood problems, as well, given the drama with husband Lamar Odom’s NBA career, as well as her own personal issues with those paternity questions and the pesky pregnancy rumors.

File:Kim Kardashian 2011.jpgOf course, neither Kim nor Khloe will be able to stay away from sunny California for too long, especially with pregnant sister Kourtney soon to give birth to a baby girl.

But, Kim Kardashian has still recently been making waves in the English city, perhaps shoring up good rapport while also promoting her new fragrance, not to mention showing up for appearances on behalf of QuickTrim—often all with Kanye West by her side. And the British air seems to agree with her, as she’s looked as stunning and glamorous as ever, donning everything from sultry red lace to sophisticated and sexy black LBDs.

So will the Kardashians take London by stylish storm and earn a whole new set of fans in the process?!

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