Kim Kardashian Loves Angelina Jolie and Lea Michele!

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Kim Kardashian was sharing the fake love again. This time Kim spread it around like warm butter on toast. The brunette beauty is really perfecting the act of fakery. Her favorites tonight were Angelina Jolie and Lea Michele.

Kim Kardashian HD 11x17 Photo Poster Busty Naked #12 HDQThe reality TV queen took to her Twitter account to rain praise on Jolie and Michele for their appearances at the Golden Globes. Kardashian, Jolie and Michele all stunned on the red carpet. However, only two of the three won over audiences for their acting skills: yeah, you know who didn’t win.

Later in the night, Kardashian tweeted, “Who was your favorite at the Golden Globes? Angelina Jolie was everything to me!” and then she tweeted, “Lea Michele was major tonight in Marchesa”

Geeze, there was no love for Jennifer Aniston or Demi Moore! Well, you can’t blame Kim Kardashian for trying to chum up to Hollywood’s elite and television’s elite. If Kardashian could get a lunch date with Angelina Jolie or Lea Michele, her day would be made!

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