Kim Kardashian Misses Kardashian Kollection Design Meeting

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Kim Kardashian and her two sisters Khloe and Kourtney have been very active in creating, designing and collaborating on their Kardashian Kollection. They wanted each piece of clothing or accessory to reflect their personal style, and they are often spotted wearing the pieces out in public. Well, it sounds like Kim will be missing a meeting for the Kardashian Kollection today, because only Khloe and Kourtney announced that they were going.

Off to our Kardashian Kollection design meeting…. Let’s get our creative juices flowing baby,” wrote Khloe this morning as she was getting ready creating some interesting designs. Kourtney was quick to follow-up that tweet with a similar message, writing “Glam time with @KhloeKardashian before our Kardashian Kollection design meeting!” But Kim Kardashian was nowhere in sight.

Earlier today, Kim announced that she was headed north because she just landed in Toronto a few hours ago. “Just touched down in Toronto! So excited to be here,” she tweeted, sharing the message with her Canadian fans that she has arrived. But being in Canada is making her miss the design meeting for her clothing collection. It sounds like she has full trust in her sisters to make the right decisions.

What do you think of Kim letting her sisters call the shots with the designers, while she is in Toronto promoting her new fragrance? Do you think this will be featured on the upcoming season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Will you be watching the upcoming season of the show to see how Kim is doing after filing for divorce?

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