Kim Kardashian Not Going Back to Reggie Bush

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Kim Kardashian isn’t planning on running back in to the arms of her ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush, even though many people believe that she is still in love with him. The two dated for quite some time but when Bush refused to put a ring on it, Kim went out and found someone who would. Now that her marriage to Kris Humphries has ended, people want to know if she would, in fact, rekindle her romance wFile:Reggie Bush Saints victory parade.jpgith Bush.

“She’s going through her own issues right now, she would never even involve him with that. It’s going to take a long time for Kim to get back into the dating field, she has to focus on herself,” an insider revealed when questioned about the possibility of Kim reuniting with Reggie.

Of course this doesn’t mean that Kim and Reggie haven’t spoken or won’t reconcile in the future… it just means that Kim is being smart about her personal life, taking some much-needed time to just chill out. People really aren’t happy with the way things played out with Kim and Kris, and it would be foolish for Kim to get back with Reggie… publicly anyway.

All in due time the public will see what becomes of Kim and Reggie. It might be nothing or it might be something bigger and better than Kim ever dreamed of.

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