Kim Kardashian Not Why Kanye West and Amber Rose Broke Up: Ex-Publicist Sets Things Straight

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Kim Kardashian is not the reason that Kanye West and Amber Rose broke up. At least, that’s what Amber’s former publicist is claiming. And he’s painting a much nastier story. Janero Marchand says Amber was actually stealing money from Kanye and once he found out, he dropped her immediately. Well, fans knew it was either money or love – so now, it seems, it was money. Wow. Does Wiz Khalifa, Amber’s current man, need to worry about this woman?

Janero Marchand is going off on Amber Rose, painting his former client as a scheming, thieving monster who wanted nothing more than to rip off her then-boyfriend, Kanye West. See? This has absolutely nothing to do with Kim Kardashian. Period. Finally, a story that leaves Kim K out of something? Wonderful! Well, probably not for Amber. Marchand’s not quite done, though. He also claims that Rose was unfaithful to Kanye. In an interview with The Young, Black and Fabulous (, Marchand says:

Amber Rose allowed fame, money, and greed to get in the way of her self-respect, dignity, and morals. Kim Kardashian did not break up their relationship, Amber did. Amber’s lack of gratitude and disrespect for the people who paved the way for her is unconscionable and repugnant.

So, there you have it: All this time, Amber’s been running around accusing everyone else for causing problems that she herself actually caused to begin with! Shady stuff.

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