Kim Kardashian Parks in Handicap Spot

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Kim Kardashian has a habit of thinking that she doesn’t have to play by the rules. A new picture came out yesterday showing her parking her car in a handicap spot. Obviously there is nothing wrong with Kim.

Radar Online has the picture of her car. Kim parked her Rolls Royce in a handicap spot, but she didn’t even do a good job. She is out of the lines completely and it looks like she just whipped the black car into the first place she could find to park it. She is right in front of the door.

Kim was parking at the gym. If she was rushing into the hospital, this would make more sense, but stealing a handicap spot so that she can work out faster? None of her fans are going to be okay with this decision. Kim must think that working out is extremely important. Many people go to the gym to help with physical therapy and could have needed this handicap parking spot.

Are you shocked that Kim Kardashian parked in a handicap parking spot? Do you think that the police should have been contacted so she could pay for her actions? Reality stars should have to follow the same laws that the rest of us follow each day. Sound off on your thoughts in the comments below.

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