Kim Kardashian Posts Unflattering Photos of Kylie Jenner

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It would be a good idea to make note never to take photos of yourself using Kim Kardashian’s computer… you just never know where they might end up.

Poor Kylie Jenner, who is a beautiful girl, used her half-sister’s computer to take some photos of herself. Granted, these are not the most flattering photos of the beautiful young model. Kylie, of course, was being a silly teenager and probably never expected that Kim would post these photos for the world to see! Wonder if she regrets it now?

Kim Kardashian tweeted a link to the pictures of Kylie Jenner and this message: “Ms. <s>@</s>KylieJenner took these stunning photos of herself on my computer! I’m sure she’d love me to share! lol”

The link will take you to Kim’s celebuzz blog where she posted the photos and this message: “So I was looking at my computer and saw that Ms. Kylie took some gorgeous pictures of herself on my Photo Booth when we were chilling in Connecticut. I’m sure she would love me to share them with you guys! LOL Look at my Kylie being silly!”

Sure, it’s cool that Kylie Jenner can be just a normal, silly teenager, but was it really cool of Kim Kardashian to go ahead and post those photos? It doesn’t appear she is wearing any makeup (no big deal) or a bra, for that matter. Perhaps these photos were really meant for Kim alone to make her laugh through tough times.

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